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Understanding Badminton Doubles Rules Before Playing a Doubles Game

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Learn badminton doubles rules to start playing this wonderful game that ensures fun and fitness at the same time.

badminton doubles rules

However, instead of playing singles, you can easily play alongside a partner in a game so as to quicken the pace of the game as well as multiply the fun factor.

It is important that you know all the aspects of badminton doubles rules before you start playing a match with your opponents.

Before you start your game, you should know all about the badminton doubles service rules.

The player on the right side of the center line that divides the court will have to serve first diagonally to the player on the other side.

If you are that player then you will be allowed to serve continuously while changing the service sides based on odd and even numbers until your team loses a point in which case the service will shift over to the right side of the opponent’s team during the first point.

After that, all even points will ensure that the player on the right side of the service court, serves while odd points will allow players on the left side to serve.

These badminton doubles rules are easy to follow even as the pace of the game is speedup noticeably due to the presence of 4 players that cover their sides of the court in a strategy that suits them best.

Once a player serves then that usually indicates the start of a frenzied rally that stops only when a team fails to hit the plastic shuttlecocks or hits the shuttle into the net or hits it outside the boundaries of the court.

Badminton scoring during doubles games is also quite easy to follow.

There are 3 games of 21 points each that need to be played, and the team that wins the best of 3 games is declared the winning team. Players need to win each rally to score a point irrespective of which team was serving at that time.

You will need to win by at least 2 points if the match score is 20 all then the team that scores 22 points first will win provided that opposing team’s score is at 20 otherwise the game will continue till the first team reaches 30 points.

Both your team and the opposing team will thus try to reach the magic figure of 21 quickly so as to win the game.

If your team wins a game then the player that served the last serve in the previous game will get to serve the first serve in the next game.

The badminton doubles rules also include badminton court rules that are different from singles rules. The court consists of parallel lines on the sides and the boundary lines on both sides of the court.

During a doubles game, the outer sidelines are considered and both sides have to ensure that the shuttle remains within the designated lines.

If you or your partner feels that a return might land outside the line then you can desist from taking a shot and let it land outside so as to win a point.

Once you are well-conversant with the badminton doubles rules then you can enjoy each game without any confusion.

The trick is to remain well in control of the shuttle at all times and to launch an attack as soon as possible while also preparing for a counter-attack from the opposing team.