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5 Factors to Consider When Selecting an Ice Cream Maker

Christina George 0

Many different factors will weigh on the final decision to purchase one of the ice cream maker models over the others. While the convenience of a particular model might appeal to the buyer, certain requirements might influence the final decision.

ice cream maker

  1. Quantity per batch– Very large gatherings of people will require more ice cream, which might indicate that the traditional bucket-type model would be the best choice. Those who want to have homemade ice cream on a consistent basis might choose a freezer bowl model.
  2. Available freezer space– Limited freezer space might eliminate the freezer bowl model from the selection process. If the user remembers to freeze the bowl ahead of time, the freezer bowl model might be acceptable.
  3. Batch limitation– If multiple batches would be required to meet the needs for making enough ice cream, the self-contained model might be the best choice. Small quantities of ice cream can be made with the freezer bowl model, but only one batch can be made.
  4. Freezer bowl prep time– Each model with a freezer bowl will require a different number of hours to freeze the bowl prior to use. Larger bowls will require more hours to freeze the gel inside the walls of the bowl.
  5. Price– The least expensive model in any category might not provide the performance sought by the buyer. While the traditional bucket-type ice cream makers are less expensive than the other two models, the requirements of space, ice, and rock salt might be inconvenient. Quality of design and the motor must be more important than the price of the ice cream maker.


Ice Cream Maker Tips

Each ice cream maker is designed to produce soft-serve ice cream if the user follows the instructions. Shortcuts will affect the quality of the frozen product and result in disappointment and wasted ingredients. There are some basic tips that will ensure consistent results each time.

  • Choose the ice cream maker by the reputation of the manufacturer FIRST.
  • Freeze the container thoroughly, if applicable to the model.
  • Chill the ingredients first, which makes the ice cream maker more effective.
  • Allow the ice cream to harden in the chest freezer with high quality for a few hours after the maker has finished.
  • Try some low-sugar and low-fat recipes to allow everyone to enjoy the sweet creations produced by the ice cream maker.